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HFH motivates individuals of the society to get involved in the process of development of unprivileged sectors.

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Help a woman and discover the joy of their living. Also, join us in our efforts to guide them and to provide the necessities.

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Donate to HFH and help a woman to escape the bonds of poverty.

About Us

We Are on A Mission to Help the Helpless

Humans for Humanity is a volunteer-based non-profit organization run by 25-year-old social worker, Anurag Chauhan. Out of our many operational projects, the WASH project is our pilot.

The main agendas of Humans for Humanity are –

About Us

We Are In A Mission To Help The Helpless

Humans for Humanity is a non-profit, voluntary organisation run by a 25-year-old social worker Anurag Chauhan. There are many projects operating under this name, the pilot project being the WASH project.

Some of the main agendas Humans for Humanity is working on are –

Wash Project

Our intention is to save their lives, women are empowered enough to produce a life. Humans For Humanity has been working on the WASH project since 2014.

Save the lives of women before you stand up for women empowerment

-Anurag Chauhan (Founder)

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